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Reaching 73,000 Edmonton households in 25 communities.
Find out what's happening close to home by reading your community league newspaper.

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Calder Publications has been inspiring neighbours to care about their communities for 25 years. We keep you informed about community league programs, social events and local issues. We are your community connection.

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All our papers are delivered door-to-door by Canada Post. Delivery is timely and reliable. We reach 73,000 households including residential homes, condos and apartments. Get the coverage that other papers miss.

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Ever wonder what's happening in your Edmonton neighbourhood? Want to feel more connected to where you live? That's where Edmonton’s Community League News comes in. We're the biggest chain of local newspapers in Edmonton, and we're in 25 different communities. With the help of our amazing community league editors, we’ve been sharing news and stories about your community league and events close to home for 25 years, reaching about 73,000 households. We are proud to publish 4 newspapers: Southeast Voice, Castle News, Community League News South, and Northeast Voice.

Fun to Read

What makes our newspapers great to read? It's all about local life. Delivered right to your doorstep by Canada Post, you’ll stay updated about exciting things happening right in your backyard. Never miss important things like your child’s sports registration, and stay in the know about fun activities and events. Learn about new volunteering opportunities, or opportunities to participate or provide feedback on upcoming community initiatives. Community League News contains information to help you learn new things about your Edmonton community league and feel more a part of it.

Effective Advertising Platform

Community League News is an affordable, and effective place to advertise for businesses. Why? We deliver our newspapers to houses, condos, and apartments all over the city. So if you're a business and you put an ad in our paper, you're going to get noticed by a lot of people. The best part is that it won't cost you a lot. Advertising with us is really affordable, even for small businesses or people just starting out. Our advertising pricing starts at less than 1 cent per household. So if you want to let people know about your business, we're here to help. Whether you're a reader looking for local stories or a business wanting to reach out, Community League News has something for everyone.We're all about bringing Edmontonians together and making our communities stronger.

We are the largest chain of community league newspapers in Edmonton

We are proud to serve the following community leagues. Not sure which community league you’re in? Use EFCL’s free League Contact Tool! If you or your community league is looking for an affordable way to reach more residents, please get in contact to learn more about our affordable publishing services.

Argyll, Avonmore, Baturyn, Caernarvon, Capilano, Carlisle, Cloverdale, Cumberland-Oxford, Dunluce, Evansdale, Forest Terrace Heights, Fulton Place, Gold Bar, Hazeldean, Holyrood, Idylwylde, Kenilworth, Kilkenny, McLeod, Ottewell, Ritchie, Strathcona, and Strathearn