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About Castle News

Castle News is a free community newsletter that is delivered by Canada Post to approximately 18,500 households in the North-Edmonton region. Published 6 times a year, it proudly serves the following community leagues:

  • Baturyn
  • Caernarvon
  • Carlisle
  • Cumberland-Oxford
  • Dunluce

Staying Up to Date

In each issue of Castle News, you'll find the stories and events that make our part of Edmonton special. You'll learn about interesting events, people doing great things, or new local project and developments happening in your area. All these stories help you feel more a part of your community and let you know what's happening around you.

Past and Present

With Castle News, it's easy to stay in the loop. Just hit the "Read Now" button to check out the latest issue. And if you want to look back at old stories or events, you can always check out past issues in the archive.

Connect with Your North-Edmonton Community

Living in Edmonton means being part of a great community. And Castle News helps keep that community feeling strong. It brings the stories of your neighbourhood to your home, so you can feel more connected and engaged. So check out the latest issue of Castle News today, or explore the archives to see what you've missed.