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Are you interested in informing residents in your area regarding your brand, business or event? Community League News is an effective and low-cost method of getting your message out to thousands of Edmontonians. Our papers are delivered door-to-door by Canada Post to over 73,000 households. For advertising prices please contact us by clicking here or calling 780-434-9732.

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Distribution Information

Publications Frequency Circulation Distribution
Castle News 6 times a year 18,500 households Baturyn, Caernarvon, Carlisle, Cumberland/Oxford, Dunluce
Community League News - South 6 times a year 11,000 households Argyll, Hazeldean, Ritchie, Strathcona
Southeast Voice 10 times a year 19,000 households Avonmore, Capilano, Cloverdale, Forest Terrace Heights, Fulton Place, Gold Bar, Holyrood, Idylwylde, Kenilworth, King Edward Park, Ottewell, Strathearn
Northeast Voice 10 times a year Over 18,500 households McLeod, Evansdale, Kilkenny